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Newhaven Fort [Jul. 26th, 2016|08:40 pm]
Sunday 24 July: Newhaven Fort

the weather was pretty crap and Dorian was teething that day so the beach was sadly not an option so we went to visit Newhaven Fort.
Lots of tunnels to explored, very old fashion WW2 scenes and sea views. Not really my things but some of the tunnels were very spooky.

We then went to a lovely pub by the sea with delicious paella full of local fishes and seafood. Before heading back home and the horrible neighborhood kids have yet again digged out all our gravel out from our newly paved front garden. This is why we decided to pave it but we had to keep some gravel around the sides so now it is full of holes, both the street and our path covered and a complete mess again. So disdheartening to be sourrounded by families who have no respect of people private property but also leave rubbish everywhere...grump

 photo IMG_3410.jpg

 photo IMG_3373.jpg
 photo IMG_3375.jpg
 photo IMG_3376.jpg
 photo IMG_3377.jpg
 photo IMG_3378.jpg
 photo IMG_3379.jpg
 photo IMG_3380.jpg
 photo IMG_3382.jpg
 photo IMG_3384.jpg
 photo IMG_3385.jpg
 photo IMG_3386.jpg
 photo IMG_3389.jpg
 photo IMG_3390.jpg
 photo IMG_3395.jpg
that was so narrow to walk through
 photo IMG_3397.jpg
 photo IMG_3398.jpg
 photo IMG_3402.jpg
 photo IMG_3405.jpg
 photo IMG_3406.jpg

 photo 13754479_10153537634906548_8860091424977361719_n.jpg
 photo 13709949_10153537634786548_1341247190108603644_n.jpg