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Newhaven Beach in the cloud - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Newhaven Beach in the cloud [Jul. 26th, 2016|07:28 pm]
Saturday 23 July: Newhaven Beach in the cloud

After a long muggy drive we got to Newhaven to spend the weekend with Ilona, Roy and Dorian we pretty much immediately headed for the beach and it was weird due to low cloud, it was like being in a cloud and temperature really dropped (about 16 degree), couldn't even see the cliff but as we drove a long way to have swim so we went in. It was most surreal.
It slowly cleared but then the wind picked up so great for cloud but quite cold  so had to abandon and go back to there where it was hot and lovely again perfect for a BBQ and Games :)

ahhh UK summer :)

 photo 13754620_10153535379651548_2334656918163636382_n.jpg photo 13770278_10153535379731548_2984525525137039832_n.jpg

 photo 13726838_10153535373266548_1324706021665307384_n.jpg
 photo 20160724_014256.jpg
 photo 20160724_014301.jpg
 photo 20160724_014312.jpg
 photo 20160724_014451.jpg
 photo IMG_3313.jpg

 photo 13697176_10153535373341548_7851200860614004714_n.jpg

kites :)
 photo IMG_3314.jpg

 photo 13781862_10153535506611548_4826955249105507734_n.jpg

 photo IMG_3315.jpg

 photo IMG_3318.jpg
 photo IMG_3323.jpg

 photo IMG_3327.jpg
 photo IMG_3329.jpg
 photo IMG_3331.jpg

blue sky returning :)
 photo 13770527_10153535506486548_3227591140397576091_n.jpg

 photo IMG_3335.jpg

 photo IMG_3338.jpg

 photo IMG_3340.jpg
some of the creatures at their house
 photo IMG_3341.jpg
 photo IMG_3343.jpg
waiting for BBQ
 photo IMG_3346.jpg
 photo IMG_3349.jpg
 photo IMG_3356.jpg

 photo IMG_3357.jpg
 photo IMG_3360.jpg
games and cat :)
 photo IMG_3364.jpg
some of the dolls in ilona amazing collection
 photo IMG_3366.jpg
 photo IMG_3367.jpg
 photo IMG_3368.jpg
 photo IMG_3369.jpg
 photo IMG_3370.jpg
 photo IMG_3371.jpg


[User Picture]From: sarah_orange
2016-07-27 12:49 pm (UTC)
erk! that water looks cold!
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2016-07-27 12:52 pm (UTC)
the water was okay outside was colder :) great waves :)
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