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Pimp my bookcart [Jul. 26th, 2016|05:47 pm]
Thursday 21 July: Staff Conference and Unicorns

It was our annual staff conference, after a morning of talks, in the afternoon I took part in " pimp my book cart". This is the result ..After an hour of silliness. I was teamed up with a lady who was worried with doing something too gothy and dark she wanted colour so instead we did a unicorn, well i did most of it, she cut the flowers :)
Very chuffed with result , i love doing this type of crafting..in the evening our summer party so lots of yummy food and drinks

 photo 13700222_10153531011116548_4120230239175316929_n.jpg

 photo 13775558_10153531011211548_3988763290309490520_n.jpg

 photo 13697210_10153531011271548_125150387259160424_n.jpg

 photo 13707697_10153531011376548_6524519837878594488_n.jpg

the final 3 creations :)

 photo 13690811_10153531011171548_2752481953220506815_n.jpg

 photo 13754430_10154383329004438_5258999515899060322_n.jpg