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Swims [Jul. 26th, 2016|05:32 pm]
Tuesday 19 July: Ladies Pond Swim

a few month behind due to the crappy summer we are having but i finally made it to the Ladies Pond, the water was fresh but gorgeous...so nice to be back...

Wednesday 20 July: Kings Cross Pond

Luckily we booked the week before and happened to be hotest day of the year. The water in Kings Cross Pond was so delicious, it was the perfect evening for a swim, only a few degrees difference but the the water felt a lot warmer than the ladies pond. We also got interviewed for ITV but then their generator crashed, but friends spotted us swimming on other channels . Ending the evening with dinner in near by resto with Suzanne.

played with underwater camera

 photo 13782023_10153527470431548_8744780747840704850_n.jpg

 photo 13775928_10153527470066548_5143580310415553650_n.jpg

 photo 13709762_10153527470731548_1803412019704374806_n.jpg

 photo 13700050_10153527470601548_5126123417718169088_n.jpg

 photo 13726629_10153527469646548_2177243893679137196_n.jpg

 photo 13769549_10153527470056548_7478799650423102457_n.jpg