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Macbeth at the Globe - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Macbeth at the Globe [Jul. 19th, 2016|06:55 pm]
Sunday 17 July: Macbeth at the Globe

Macbeth, i didn't enjoyed that version as much as previous ones, it seemed very lenghy at times, didn't really care much about any of the characters and many confusing bits but what was fantastic was the music...so dark and eerie, if i closed my eyes I could have been dancing at Gala Nocturna and the bits with the witches were pretty cool. Still for £5 who can complaint and ended the day with Iain, Alan, Steve, heather & Markus in the Rake drinking Belgium beers putting the world to right, well brexiters mostly.

 photo 13669736_10153522198981548_5453310480083751879_n.jpg photo 13716132_10153522199036548_6622933766859073304_n.jpg
 photo WJK_7010.jpg

 photo macbeth-at-shakespeares-globe-theatre-9e2c9a71d6cda9cf85af2971588ecd8a.jpg
 photo Macbeth-Shakespeares-Globe-431.jpg