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Brighton [Jul. 19th, 2016|05:52 pm]
Saturday 16 July : Brighton

After Preston Manor we continued onto Brighton (so good value by train for once at £7 return)
Spent few hours shopping in the lanes, then we had a play on the pier before a lovely "fresh " swim
ending with dinner and pudding on the train back.
Sadly as we didn't make it back home until 10pm and still had to wash all the sand off we didn't make it to Reptile :(

 photo 13754674_10153520614641548_7546138549748903488_n.jpg

 photo 13709823_10153520320651548_4636175236261224573_n.jpg photo 13769458_10153520320786548_3783885655518498047_n.jpg
 photo 13692715_10153520799346548_1518376975051506736_n.jpg
 photo 13718610_10153520462181548_5136769598273240703_n.jpg
 photo 13696994_10153520462431548_590722829501436610_n.jpg
 photo 13775522_10153520462311548_8516520285765209656_n.jpg
swim <3

 photo 13754412_10153520614886548_2037216797997113205_n.jpg
 photo 13731620_10153520614516548_5709531332858220629_n.jpg

 photo 13718820_10153520614776548_1174302450134371368_n.jpg
pudding on train :)
 photo 13769597_10153520799296548_9202009418657859536_n.jpg