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Playing stylist again - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Playing stylist again [Jul. 12th, 2016|05:28 pm]
Sunday 10 July: Kat & Joe big Announcement Photoshoot

That day i played stylist and photo assistant
 It was very surreal to see our garden filled with lights and camera equipments. They even had me and the babies joined for one set of photos. Some surreal moments involving me paiting cupcake on a tummy, simon dressed as a dragon and all the neighbours peeking out of the windows. Great afternoon ending with dinner all together outside in the garden.
Kat wanted some nice photos of her being pregnant so we did it :)

This are behind the scenee ones...proper one taken by steve to come

 photo 13592677_10153508965276548_2715932161804174315_n.jpg

 photo 13590400_10153508964646548_7895656584843253211_n.jpg
what light assistant always dress as
 photo 13599865_10153508964591548_912055917947017929_n.jpg
 photo 13590428_10153508964826548_7307235260674964294_n.jpg

 photo 13592671_10153508964201548_7770026541147095916_n.jpg

 photo 13600160_10153508965606548_2018201326966723690_n.jpg
 photo 13599980_10153508964526548_2245848780200909843_n.jpg
 photo 13606469_10153508964776548_4295764789380757015_n.jpg
 photo 13606995_10153508965791548_1287780127827264323_n.jpg
taking my role as painter and makeupartist seriously

 photo 13615403_10153508964256548_3059415871057129325_n.jpg
 photo 13619975_10153508965336548_5713630916148595309_n.jpg

 photo 13654340_10153508965536548_3493466838602775041_n.jpg
 photo 13669019_10153508965726548_873613684627101205_n.jpg