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Invocation 10 years anniversary - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Invocation 10 years anniversary [Jul. 12th, 2016|05:21 pm]
Saturday 9 July : Invocation 10 years anniversary

Recovered from all the hard graft of paving we decided to go to Invocation, not been for ages and lots of friends i wanted to see. Unfortunately it took over 2 hours to drive there due to wireless festival and general mayhem traffic...but eventually got there. Lovely evening catching up :)

also excuse to wear the new little bolero i made that week and my frill for wgt :)

 photo IMG_3093.jpg

 photo 13654297_10153506215966548_2508654585019742278_n.jpg
 photo 13592695_10153506216341548_3092511964902384412_n.jpg
 photo 13626549_10153506216476548_8835338279507212120_n.jpg

 photo IMG_3098.jpg
 photo IMG_3097.jpg
 photo IMG_3094.jpg

 photo IMG_3092.jpg