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March for Europe [Jul. 7th, 2016|08:14 am]
Saturday 2 July: March for Europe

Very hangover but I felt I must try to go to that march, I am not someone who goes on many marcesh, or is very vocal on politics but this is different , this is bigger than any politics. I am so glad we did it was easy to join the march, filled with family, children, amusing placard…we walked to Partliement square and there they had a well organised succession of speakers , especially impressed by Bob Geldof and David Lammy, even Jarvis cocker did a live speech. It was all about wanting to be in the EU, expressing our worries on the current situation.

the best view of it

 photo 13507081_10153491570031548_941028915442566842_n.jpg

 photo 13533319_10153491569931548_5849895168535553739_n.jpg
jarvis <3
 photo 13510933_10153491641231548_8492382098014070112_n.jpg

 photo 13567237_10153491570171548_6037815998601948747_n.jpg

 photo 13592291_10153491570266548_7422292078229197654_n.jpg

 photo 13557685_10153491641331548_1436971852258934619_n.jpg

 photo 13439025_10153491570106548_3662087509517382484_n.jpg

 photo 13599836_10153491641466548_8157347065134160505_n.jpg

 photo IMG_2879.jpg

 photo IMG_2881.jpg
bob geldof
 photo IMG_2887.jpg

 photo IMG_2888.jpg