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The Escapologist Cocktail Bar - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Escapologist Cocktail Bar [Jul. 6th, 2016|06:02 pm]
Tuesday 28 June: The Escapologist

Needing to drown our sorrow and luckily we had booked this a while back as time out had an offer for 4 cocktails for £16 so we went to visit the place for pizza and cocktails. On paper sound great Party like 1889, great symbolism in their design but really that stop there…a few quirky frames and cute booth, space wallpaper in the toilet but the music mega loud (and bit mixed ), not particularly amazing service or cocktails. I like that they had a flaming zombie cocktail served in a skull mug but didn’t like the taste. The pesto peach pizza worked but a bit too greasy. Glad to have tried it but not somewhere I would rush back.


 photo 13510911_10153484514281548_6508731241253442085_n.jpg
 photo 13567411_10153484515871548_5267721377239961760_n.jpg
 photo 13566982_10153484515996548_5913536409301226209_n.jpg
 photo 13501611_10153484515696548_1037463026215443346_n.jpg
 photo 13532848_10153484515801548_2338710346348016518_n.jpg
 photo 13507031_10153484514776548_8192179410900387791_n.jpg
 photo 13566958_10153484515136548_9130271050198808028_n.jpg