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Lydford Gorge - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lydford Gorge [Jul. 5th, 2016|05:38 pm]

Wednesday 22 June: Lydford Gorge

We decided to break our long journey back with a stop in Dartmoor…so many waterfall but finally decide on Lydford and so glad we did it was stunning and so much bigger than expected. The circuit takes about 2 hours, start with twirly up and down path in the green moss forest, lost f little falls and then at the bottom on steep path ..the white lady fall…30 metres high , quite majestic…and refreshing…sadly a bit too cold to have taken on swimwear but if I ever returned so many amazing tranquil swimming spot, water hole. Still we had our swim shoes so I went for a paddle… when we thought we were done with the beauty it even got better…little cliff path along the cauldrons with very violent water bubbling under, very natural paths and sometimes just a rope to hang on to. Some part it was hard to believe in UK, more or less tropical look as so misty and grotto like

 photo IMG_2768.jpg

 photo IMG_2721.jpg

 photo IMG_2724.jpg

 photo IMG_2726.jpg

 photo IMG_2728.jpg

 photo IMG_2731.jpg

 photo IMG_2732.jpg

 photo IMG_2735.jpg

 photo IMG_2739.jpg

 photo IMG_2743.jpg

 photo IMG_2744.jpg

 photo IMG_2745.jpg
white lady
 photo IMG_2749.jpg

 photo IMG_2752.jpg
 photo IMG_2756.jpg

 photo IMG_2757.jpg

 photo IMG_2759.jpg

 photo IMG_2763.jpg
cool path
 photo IMG_2769.jpg

 photo IMG_2771.jpg

 photo IMG_2772.jpg
 photo IMG_2776.jpg

 photo IMG_2780.jpg

 photo IMG_2784.jpg

 photo IMG_2787.jpg
lots of cauldrons
 photo IMG_2788.jpg

 photo IMG_2791.jpg

 photo IMG_2796.jpg
this was so beautiful
 photo IMG_2799.jpg

 photo IMG_2800.jpg

 photo IMG_2803.jpg

 photo IMG_2808.jpg

 photo IMG_2810.jpg

 photo IMG_2814.jpg

 photo IMG_2816.jpg