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Cornish neolithic magical tour: Quoit, Men-a_tol, Holly Wells, Stone Circle and Burial Chamber... - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cornish neolithic magical tour: Quoit, Men-a_tol, Holly Wells, Stone Circle and Burial Chamber... [Jul. 4th, 2016|07:00 pm]
Tuesday 21 June: Cornish neolithic magical tour: LanyonQuoit, Men-a-Tol, Carn Galver, Sancreed Holly Wells, Sancreed church, Merry Maiden Stone Circle and Tregiffian Burial Chamber

In the afternoon I had a very long list of places to visit, only managed a few as on paper all near by but finding them is not always easy and well scary twisty small roads :) Still we covered a nice little variety.
Starting with Lanyon quoit , consists of a large capstone supported on 3 legs. It was rebuilt in 1824 aftercollapsing in 1815.http://www.cornishancientsites.com/Lanyon%20Quoit.pdf
Carn galver on the cliff, the view was quite something along that road despite being a bit lost at the time and utterly unplanned as we weer looking for something else.
Eventually managed to locate Mên-an-Tol , the monument consists of four stones: one fallen, two uprights, and between these a circular one,one of the most iconic megalithic structures in Cornwall. It was smaller than expected but very unusual. http://www.cornishancientsites.com/Men-an-Tol.pdf
Sancreed holy well was fantastic although another slightly difficult one to find as the path was so overgrown ♡ followed a few rabbits on our way ☆☆ at the end of the grotto some clear water.  Probably dates from pre-christian times, rediscovered by the vicar in 1879.  http://www.cornishancientsites.com/Sancreed%20well.pdf
Sancreed church was a real surprise as every benches had lovely carvings .There are the remains of 5 Celtic crosses or cross-heads in the churchyard,
Trying to fool the Merry Maidens to let us join them in their dance and still waiting for sunshine, it is one of the few 'true' stone circles in Cornwall, being perfectly circular; it comprises nineteen stones today but is thought to originally have consisted of just eighteen.http://www.cornishancientsites.com/MerryMaidens.pdf
Last stop for today Tregiffian burial chamber. It is a rare form of a passage grave, known as an Entrance grave. Also right by the road :).

Lanyon quoit

 photo IMG_2588.jpg

 photo IMG_2586.jpg

 photo IMG_2587.jpg

 photo IMG_2583.jpg

Carn galver

 photo IMG_2594.jpg

 photo IMG_2596.jpg

Men -An - Tol
 photo IMG_2597.jpg

 photo IMG_2598.jpg

 photo IMG_2601.jpg

 photo IMG_2604.jpg

 photo IMG_2605.jpg

 photo IMG_2607.jpg
typical cornish road
 photo IMG_2609.jpg

Sancreed Holly well...good signt o start with and then none and overgrown
 photo IMG_2610.jpg
where is it???
 photo IMG_2611.jpg
must be on the right way
 photo IMG_2614.jpg
eventually found it
 photo IMG_2616.jpg
simon handkershift had to be sacrifice :)
 photo IMG_2620.jpg

 photo IMG_2621.jpg

 photo IMG_2622.jpg

 photo IMG_2625.jpg

 photo IMG_2626.jpg

 photo IMG_2627.jpg

 photo IMG_2629.jpg

 photo IMG_2631.jpg
the village
 photo IMG_2632.jpg
the carved benches and ceiling
 photo IMG_2633.jpg

 photo IMG_2634.jpg

 photo IMG_2635.jpg

 photo IMG_2636.jpg

 photo IMG_2638.jpg

 photo IMG_2639.jpg

 photo IMG_2641.jpg

 photo IMG_2643.jpg

 photo IMG_2644.jpg

 photo IMG_2647.jpg

 photo IMG_2648.jpg

 photo IMG_2649.jpg

 photo IMG_2650.jpg

 photo IMG_2654.jpg

 photo IMG_2659.jpg

 photo IMG_2662.jpg

Merry Maiden stone circle
 photo IMG_2663.jpg

 photo IMG_2669.jpg

 photo IMG_2674.jpg

 photo IMG_2676.jpg

 photo IMG_2679.jpg

Tregiffian burial chamber.
 photo IMG_2681.jpg

 photo IMG_2684.jpg

 photo IMG_2687.jpg