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Eden Project, Zip Wiring, Gravity and Jamaica Inn - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eden Project, Zip Wiring, Gravity and Jamaica Inn [Jul. 4th, 2016|05:53 pm]
Monday 20 June: Eden Project, Zip Wiring, Gravity and Jamaica Inn

Well the rain never stopped, just got worst and worst, so at first light we had to face it and start packing everything and the tent in torrential rain...how fun!!! crappy way to end such a fabulous uplifting festival. Crazy to think last time we were there we had a daily sea swim!!!!
Never packed so fast and luckily found an ok dinner not too far to have a recovery hot breakfast and change of clothes before heading to Eden Project not the original plan but after the night we had tropical was most attractive :)

Eden Project…finally visited it, loved the size of it's structures and that such cool thing exist. It was nice to be inside the tropical one as we were much in need of warmth that day…the Mediterranean was full of childhood smells and we loved the art works in there. Terrible to say but what I enjoyed the most was zip wiring above it all and the amazing adrenalin of Gravity.
Zip wiring above Eden Project was amazing, one of the nicest must relaxing zip I have ever done and what a view being in bird position so different...Both loved it
Gravity, the Giant Swing ...This was my favourite as pure adrenalin.  I wanted to go again and again
I then drove to Sue house in Bodmin, taking a wrong turn and took use double the time and a few other stress ending up in usual post driving stress :(
Later in the evening we popped to the Jamaica Inn, sadly i wished it had been years ago when the Walter Potter Collection was still in there. More my taste than a Smuggler museum, but at least we had a little museum to wander around to digest our dinner.

 photo IMG_2272.jpg

ah camping and packing in the rain!!!!

 photo 13510772_10153466391786548_4420531952167038617_n.jpg
 photo 13512185_10153466391526548_6798799543392796802_n.jpg
 photo 13445792_10153466391741548_1534348245017037176_n.jpg

Eden project

 photo IMG_2273.jpg
 photo IMG_2275.jpg
 photo IMG_2278.jpg
this little person zipping will be us later :)
 photo IMG_2279.jpg

 photo IMG_2283.jpg
 photo IMG_2284.jpg
 photo IMG_2285.jpg
 photo IMG_2286.jpg
 photo IMG_2288.jpg
 photo IMG_2290.jpg
 photo IMG_2291.jpg
 photo IMG_2292.jpg
 photo IMG_2293.jpg
 photo IMG_2294.jpg
 photo IMG_2297.jpg
 photo IMG_2298.jpg
 photo IMG_2300.jpg
 photo IMG_2302.jpg
 photo IMG_2303.jpg
 photo IMG_2304.jpg
 photo IMG_2305.jpg
 photo IMG_2309.jpg
 photo IMG_2310.jpg
 photo IMG_2311.jpg
 photo IMG_2312.jpg
 photo IMG_2317.jpg
 photo IMG_2319.jpg
 photo IMG_2321.jpg
 photo IMG_2322.jpg
 photo IMG_2327.jpg

mediteranean bubble
 photo IMG_2330.jpg
 photo IMG_2331.jpg
 photo IMG_2332.jpg
 photo IMG_2333.jpg
 photo IMG_2334.jpg
 photo IMG_2337.jpg
 photo IMG_2339.jpg
 photo IMG_2340.jpg
 photo IMG_2341.jpg
 photo IMG_2344.jpg
 photo IMG_2348.jpg
 photo IMG_2351.jpg
 photo IMG_2355.jpg
 photo IMG_2358.jpg
 photo IMG_2361.jpg
 photo IMG_2362.jpg
 photo IMG_2365.jpg
 photo IMG_2368.jpg

 photo IMG_2369.jpg
 photo IMG_2370.jpg
 photo IMG_2373.jpg

 photo IMG_2376.jpg

 photo IMG_2380.jpg
educational bubble
 photo IMG_2383.jpg
 photo IMG_2384.jpg
 photo IMG_2388.jpg
 photo IMG_2389.jpg
 photo IMG_2391.jpg
 photo IMG_2394.jpg

 photo IMG_2396.jpg

here we go...couldn't take camera with us but here other arriving
 photo IMG_2397.jpg
 photo IMG_2400.jpg
 photo IMG_2402.jpg

gravity <3
 photo IMG_2407.jpg

 photo IMG_2408.jpg

 photo IMG_2410.jpg

 photo IMG_2412.jpg
 photo IMG_2413.jpg
 photo IMG_2416.jpg

Jamaica Inn
 photo IMG_2421.jpg
 photo IMG_2422.jpg
 photo IMG_2423.jpg
 photo IMG_2425.jpg
 photo IMG_2427.jpg
 photo IMG_2431.jpg
 photo IMG_2432.jpg
 photo IMG_2434.jpg
 photo IMG_2437.jpg
 photo IMG_2438.jpg
 photo IMG_2439.jpg
 photo IMG_2440.jpg
 photo IMG_2442.jpg
 photo IMG_2444.jpg
 photo IMG_2445.jpg