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Sat Faery Fest: Flower fairies day - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sat Faery Fest: Flower fairies day [Jul. 3rd, 2016|06:36 pm]
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Saturday 18 June:Sat Faery Fest: Flower fairies day

I decided for once to get Tara to do my makeup, loved her colour choices. Pretty labyrinth creatures were roaming about and not sure how it all went to fast as it was time to descent to Mount Edgecumbe pretty house (so worth visiting, especially its gardens and all its follies) and attempt world faery record. No success but came closed and fun to see everyone in tutus, wings and wands in hand. Perkelt regaled us with another set, Professor Elemental did a blinding show and Simon was his Ipod helper for that one and well the highlight Corvus Corvax!!!! Finally in the UK…despite lots of sound problems they put a blinder of a show, so nice to see them from the front row for once and got to chat to them afterward. One of them said he remembered me from berlin cd launch night at last cathedral we made me smile a lot

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