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Friday at FaeryFest Mermaids and Pirates - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Friday at FaeryFest Mermaids and Pirates [Jun. 28th, 2016|05:43 pm]

Friday 17 June 2016: Friday at FaeryFest Mermaids and Pirates

Didn’t really have the heart to post photos from faeryfest or last week cornwall holiday on Friday, still doesn’t feel quite right but I guess I took them so would be a shame not to and at least keep my mind off things a bit. As sadly it was a bit too cold to brave our usual morning seaswims my blow up dragon ended up as out tent gardian. Even better i also learned that a blow up seal was name after me...i love my friends, as I now have a dog and a seal name after me.

After the very long drive, we arrived at faeryfest early afternoon, set up camp and dolled up for a day theme as Pirates and Mermaids. Lovely to catch up with everyone again and visiting the grounds filled with lovely wishing trees, fairies house, hobbit glamping, stone circle, unicorns, stalls, yummy food, chill out tent. Watching bands enjoyed seeing Mark Radcliffe band with real mermaids on stage and of course, Karen joining Daughters of Gaia, ending the night with sword fire fight & fire ceremony

 photo IMG_1678.jpg

what a view
 photo IMG_1671.jpg

 photo IMG_1672.jpg

 photo IMG_1674.jpg
my captured mermaids
 photo IMG_1675.jpg

 photo IMG_1679.jpg

 photo IMG_1680.jpg
 photo IMG_1681.jpg
 photo IMG_1682.jpg
 photo IMG_1683.jpg

 photo IMG_1685.jpg
 photo IMG_1687.jpg
 photo IMG_1688.jpg

 photo IMG_1691.jpg
 photo IMG_1695.jpg
 photo IMG_1696.jpg
 photo IMG_1698.jpg

 photo IMG_1703.jpg
even made a stone circle sadly we arrived just as the opening ceremony was coming to an end
 photo IMG_1704.jpg
 photo IMG_1707.jpg
 photo IMG_1709.jpg
 photo IMG_1713.jpg
 photo IMG_1714.jpg
daughters of gaia
 photo IMG_1715.jpg

 photo IMG_1718.jpg
 photo IMG_1720.jpg

 photo IMG_1730.jpg
 photo IMG_1732.jpg
 photo IMG_1733.jpg
 photo IMG_1735.jpg
 photo IMG_1736.jpg

 photo IMG_1739.jpg
 photo IMG_1740.jpg
lots of lovely touches with fairy villages, wishing trees...
 photo IMG_1741.jpg
 photo IMG_1742.jpg
 photo IMG_1743.jpg
 photo IMG_1744.jpg
glamping hobbit house
 photo IMG_1746.jpg
 photo IMG_1748.jpg
dinner time
 photo IMG_1749.jpg
 photo IMG_1751.jpg
 photo IMG_1752.jpg
 photo IMG_1754.jpg
our protector ..too cold to swim so on the tent
 photo IMG_1756.jpg
 photo IMG_1757.jpg
 photo IMG_1761.jpg

sprigan mist...sound problem on main stage luckily 2 stages this year
 photo IMG_1764.jpg
 photo IMG_1771.jpg
 photo IMG_1773.jpg
 photo IMG_1774.jpg
 photo IMG_1775.jpg
 photo IMG_1777.jpg
 photo IMG_1779.jpg
 photo IMG_1781.jpg

mark radcliffe pirates band and mermaids
 photo IMG_1782.jpg
 photo IMG_1784.jpg
 photo IMG_1794.jpg
 photo IMG_1796.jpg
 photo IMG_1797.jpg

 photo IMG_1802.jpg
 photo IMG_1803.jpg

burn burn
 photo IMG_1812.jpg
 photo IMG_1819.jpg
 photo IMG_1821.jpg
 photo IMG_1823.jpg
 photo IMG_1826.jpg
 photo IMG_1828.jpg
 photo IMG_1831.jpg
 photo IMG_1840.jpg
 photo IMG_1844.jpg
 photo IMG_1849.jpg
sword fire fight
 photo IMG_1861.jpg