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Reptile & Absinth - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Reptile & Absinth [Jun. 14th, 2016|06:51 pm]

Saturday 11 June: Reptile & Absinth

At 8.30am i had a 3 hours driving class...too early start on a sat morning but it was to tackle the M25, bizarelly Wood green is still the most stressful part. I now had over 50+ hours of "refresher" classes ...so cannot really afford anymore, just wish our car was as smooth and small as teacher one..sadly def not the case...

the rest of the day was spent packing then  Goergie and Nadia came by for some pre-reptile drinks!!! Very few photos taken after those deadly cocktails i made:  sparkly wine & absinth, us three giggling all the way to Reptile... our heads were still tipsy when we got home even after hours of dancing and water. Great occasion to wear my 50p bargain dress from Whitby Market and my new collar from leipzig

 photo IMG_1662.jpg

 photo IMG_1663.jpg
 photo IMG_1664.jpg
 photo IMG_1667.jpg
 photo IMG_1668.jpg
 photo 13418794_10153450490626548_3313548239251859026_n.jpg
amused that ivy even get inside my glasses!!!
 photo 13445666_10153679062607957_8255641712460880220_n.jpg
 photo 13450130_10153679063062957_2394291545827884099_n.jpg
 photo 13450970_10153679063147957_2820378240128880079_n.jpg