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Bring & Buy , Plotting , Sunshine and Sewing - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bring & Buy , Plotting , Sunshine and Sewing [Jun. 6th, 2016|07:18 pm]
Sunday 5 June: Bring & Buy , Plotting , Sunshine and Sewing

Attempted t drive to bring and buy but only managed half way there as just hrrible on the road that day and once i get shaking no stopping :(
Had a great time at bring and buy seeing everyone and getting some cute bargain...so please with cute skull dress i got and bits and pieces of hairs and jewellery
Simon got some very good boots and spats...realsing it was finally good weather we rushed back home (via buying ice cream) to sit in garden and play some board games in sunshine

 photo 13315293_10153436603566548_1230846033680718490_n.jpg
 photo 13310325_10153436603676548_482953786129621483_n.jpg

Also made  start on using patches bought in WGT for simon
 photo IMG_1593.jpg
 photo IMG_1590.jpg
 photo IMG_1589.jpg

My fav pile of reference books when plotting an holiday are as always giving me way too many things i want to see and well not enough time as we will sadly only have a few days in Cornwall after FaeryFest. This time decided to visit Eden Project and Mount St Michael but always time to fit some a few stone circles and swims in between

 photo IMG_1584.jpg