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Hola Park Gardens and Re-enactment - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hola Park Gardens and Re-enactment [Jun. 1st, 2016|07:04 pm]
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Monday 30 May: Invasion Kent in Hole Park

Such a cold day, so windy...but remain dry at least.
After the parade outside the main house i went to explore the gardens ...so lovely and very diverse...although being such a grey days...the photos really do not do them much justice
Hole Park a Kent

so so cold
 photo IMG_1438.jpg

 photo IMG_1437.jpg
off to get more tea as so windy the kettle just not boiling on open fire

 photo IMG_1445.jpg

 photo IMG_1446.jpg

 photo IMG_1447.jpg

 photo IMG_1451.jpg

 photo IMG_1452.jpg

 photo IMG_1454.jpg

 photo IMG_1455.jpg

 photo IMG_1456.jpg

 photo IMG_1458.jpg
june in a few days !!!
 photo IMG_1461.jpg
sleep before battle
 photo IMG_1465.jpg

 photo IMG_1466.jpg
 photo IMG_1468.jpg
 photo IMG_1469.jpg
 photo IMG_1470.jpg
 photo IMG_1474.jpg
 photo IMG_1478.jpg
 photo IMG_1481.jpg
 photo IMG_1486.jpg
 photo IMG_1490.jpg
 photo IMG_1495.jpg

exploringt he gardens
 photo IMG_1496.jpg

 photo IMG_1497.jpg

 photo IMG_1502.jpg

 photo IMG_1504.jpg

 photo IMG_1505.jpg

 photo IMG_1506.jpg

 photo IMG_1507.jpg

 photo IMG_1509.jpg

 photo IMG_1511.jpg

 photo IMG_1514.jpg

 photo IMG_1519.jpg
attempting selfies
 photo IMG_1521.jpg

 photo IMG_1523.jpg

 photo IMG_1524.jpg

 photo IMG_1530.jpg

 photo IMG_1539.jpg

 photo IMG_1541.jpg

 photo IMG_1544.jpg

 photo IMG_1545.jpg

 photo IMG_1546.jpg

 photo IMG_1547.jpg

 photo IMG_1548.jpg

 photo IMG_1550.jpg

 photo IMG_1552.jpg

 photo IMG_1553.jpg

 photo IMG_1556.jpg

 photo IMG_1558.jpg

 photo IMG_1562.jpg

 photo IMG_1568.jpg

 photo IMG_1575.jpg
might have got a tree in the tent...
 photo IMG_1576.jpg