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Invasion Kent in Hole Park - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Invasion Kent in Hole Park [Jun. 1st, 2016|06:57 pm]
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Sunday 29 May: Invasion Kent in Hole Park

An early 5am start (so less night in a tent), got there nice and early to set up the tent before the public arrives.
Sunday was a sunny day so a great start. The event was based in Hole Park a Kent, a nice house (with owner still in it) and some lovely gardens.  That day i did the Battle and on Monday the Gardens

 photo 13319821_10153423370701548_5843672983439814677_n_1.jpg

 photo IMG_1371.jpg
tent ready...went minimal didn't bring the sink :)
 photo IMG_1373.jpg

 photo IMG_1374.jpg

 photo IMG_1375.jpg
the house in background
 photo IMG_1378.jpg
 photo IMG_1381.jpg

 photo IMG_1384.jpg

 photo IMG_1386.jpg

 photo IMG_1389.jpg

 photo IMG_1392.jpg

 photo IMG_1393.jpg

 photo IMG_1396.jpg

 photo IMG_1398.jpg
the battle
 photo IMG_1400.jpg
 photo IMG_1401.jpg
 photo IMG_1407.jpg
 photo IMG_1408.jpg
 photo IMG_1412.jpg
 photo IMG_1420.jpg
 photo IMG_1421.jpg
 photo IMG_1428.jpg
 photo IMG_1430.jpg
 photo IMG_1432.jpg
 photo IMG_1433.jpg
special 44 puddings
 photo IMG_1435.jpg
good night
 photo IMG_1436.jpg