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Michel Polnareff in Lille - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Michel Polnareff in Lille [May. 26th, 2016|08:02 pm]

Thursday 17 May: Michel Polnareff in Lille

Back to London and work for one day, then on thursday caught the 10am coach to Lille to go and see Michel Polnareff, amusingly even the coach driver was going to the gig

Last time i got that emotional at a gig was Pink Floyd, got especially teary during "the Bal de Laze", one of my fav song ever and what a incredible intense version he did. Michel Polnareff is not well known here but he has been someone i have liked forever and i guess with a career spanning for the past 60 years, so many songs to treat us with. Also being 71 and rarely touring i had to grab the opportunity to see this tour, so this crazy plan of rushing to france by coach, see a gig and jumping back on the coach after the gig was so worth doing (also cheapest option). The Zenith in Lille was packed but as we started queuing quite early we got super near the stage :). Cheesy, poppy stage show with slightly eurovionish backing singers, i am also not sure when I last went to a gig full of "non alternative" public but it was incredible..another of my must see list and still humming his songs despite the tiredness of spending the night in a coach at various passport controls. My only negative he didn't play his latest single for the upcoming new album.

gig ended at 11pm , time for a lovely belgium beer and boaring the coach back at 00.20am, a bit longer on journey back as via ferry and so many secutiry check but back in London at 5.30am with big breakfast in victoria station ..simon wnet to work  but decided i had anough flexi to catch fw hours extra sleep and finally unpack

Got there around 4pm , usual brewery for dinner and started to queu early so we got a good front spot

 photo 13263922_10153404951661548_4991294956277262912_n.jpg

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