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Friday at WGT [May. 26th, 2016|05:27 pm]
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Friday 13 May :Friday at WGT

On Friday we started at the Victorian Village, what an amazing venue, got caught in an almighty storm getting there but the sun eventually returned to dry us :) Amazing outfits, bands (including eight-part harmony choir singing acapalla versions of songs by Rammstein), stalls in one unusual venue shame it was on only for one day.
After the Victorian Village we went to see a few bands, mostly new ones I discovered whilst working through the list, first was Angelic Foe, beautiful Symphonic Neo-Classical project by Annmari Thim (Arcana). We then dashed across to Altes venue caught a bit of caught a bit of The Underground Youth and decided to go and grab a quick snack returning in time for Darkher , one of my highlight of the weekend band wise…and it is a uk band!!! So powerful and intense…whoaaa. (crappy dark photos but must def catch them again over here).
We stayed a bit to see The Ocean, but being Prog-Metal that was just one song sadly…rushing back to Schaulspielhouse to catch The Deadfly Ensemble. Really like it online it is post punk cabaret but didn’t realise it was singer from cinema strange until spotted merchandise and he came on stage so nice surprise. Perfectly we were very near the Dark Romantic club so went to have a dance at Haus Leipzig and on our way back in the little hours of the morning pop by Moritzbastai for one more drinks before bad…great start.

the only sunny day we got so cupcake roccoco outfit day :)

 photo IMG_0737.jpg

Simon new shiny outfit made by Paul for his birthday
 photo IMG_0649.jpg

 photo IMG_0651.jpg

 photo IMG_0652.jpg

 photo IMG_0654.jpg
on our way tothe village
 photo IMG_0656.jpg

 photo IMG_0658.jpg
what a venue
 photo IMG_0660.jpg

 photo IMG_0661.jpg

 photo IMG_0662.jpg

 photo IMG_0665.jpg

 photo IMG_0666.jpg

 photo IMG_0670.jpg

 photo IMG_0673.jpg

 photo IMG_0674.jpg

 photo IMG_0675.jpg

 photo IMG_0676.jpg

 photo IMG_0677.jpg
we match so well :)
 photo IMG_0681.jpg

 photo IMG_0682.jpg

 photo IMG_0684.jpg

 photo IMG_0685.jpg

 photo IMG_0687.jpg

 photo IMG_0689.jpg

 photo IMG_0691.jpg

 photo IMG_0692.jpg

 photo IMG_0693.jpg

 photo IMG_0697.jpg

 photo IMG_0699.jpg

 photo IMG_0702.jpg

 photo IMG_0703.jpg

 photo IMG_0705.jpg

 photo IMG_0707.jpg

 photo IMG_0708.jpg

 photo IMG_0710.jpg

 photo IMG_0712.jpg

 photo IMG_0713.jpg

 photo IMG_0715.jpg

 photo IMG_0717.jpg
dream furniture
 photo IMG_0721.jpg

 photo IMG_0724.jpg

 photo IMG_0725.jpg

 photo IMG_0726.jpg

 photo IMG_0731.jpg

 photo IMG_0732.jpg

 photo IMG_0733.jpg

 photo IMG_0736.jpg

 photo IMG_0739.jpg

 photo IMG_0740.jpg

 photo IMG_0742.jpg

 photo IMG_0747.jpg

 photo IMG_0749.jpg

Angelic Foe
 photo IMG_0751.jpg

 photo IMG_0752.jpg

 photo IMG_0759.jpg

 photo IMG_0762.jpg

 photo IMG_0763.jpg
Underground youth
 photo IMG_0764.jpg

 photo IMG_0767.jpg
 photo IMG_0785.jpg

 photo IMG_0786.jpg

 photo IMG_0788.jpg

 photo IMG_0790.jpg
The Ocean
 photo IMG_0803.jpg

 photo IMG_0804.jpg

 photo IMG_0808.jpg
The Deadfly Ensemble
 photo IMG_0810.jpg

 photo IMG_0811.jpg

 photo IMG_0813.jpg

 photo IMG_0815.jpg

 photo IMG_0821.jpg

 photo IMG_0836.jpg
Dark romantic club
 photo IMG_0850.jpg
 photo IMG_0851.jpg