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Belantis WGT Opening Night - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Belantis WGT Opening Night [May. 18th, 2016|06:02 pm]
Thursday 12 May: Belantis WGT Opening Night

This was one of my highlight, it was busy and they were long queues to go on rides but the surrealness of goths wandering around, goth music on speaker and on rides made them so worth it. A very nice little theme park, which I might have to revisit properly. Just wish it had been a full day there as it got dark so quickly it was hard to see where all the rides where, too dark photos and a shame it was not clear which remained closed or not after the fireworks. It was quite manic as we only arrived in Leipzig at 5.30pm throw our suitcase in hotel room, quick refresh and straight onto queuing for a shuttle bus but at least the queue for wristband was not as bad there as in town. As a result, we were inside about 8.30pm. Really good rollercoaster, loved the cheesiness of the Pyramid water log, upset I could do not do a full turn on Icarus flight but so pretty and few others I didn’t catch the name. I loved seeing the Indian tippies filled with goth drumming and the medieval village was lovely with live bands..Shame so little time we just rushed from rides to rides. One of the best fireworks show too. The club inside the pyramid was very surreal too. Just excellent

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