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Back from WGT [May. 18th, 2016|12:39 pm]
Back from WGT, and at work , well for one day
Sleepy head as gone from going to bed as daylight arrive everyday, to not sleep at all (no point our return train being at 6.30am) to crash very early last night to get up for work today
Tomorrow off to france by coach , see a gig and back on coach at 1am after the gig..hoping to recover and unpack at weekend

MIni blurb until i worked through all photos
Another fantastic WGT although slightly dampen by the awful weather (winter conditions). My highlights were the opening night at Belantis and Sunday night dark romantic club. Both involving swirling in different ways..
Band wise we mostly went for new ones this year and saw Angelic Foe, Darkher, Diodatti, Irdorath, Deadfly Ensemble, Harpye, Kyoll, Grausame Tochter , Rose McDowall, And also the trees and Legendary Pink Dots . Saw a few old favorite: Coppelius, Estampie and Jo Quail and a few incomplete set by The Underground youth, The Ocean and Unzucht. Only one failed attempt, we did get in but only saw the top of her head : Schneewittchen. So hard to pick but I think my two highlights music wise were Darkher and Grausame Tochter.