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Sunday in Whitby - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sunday in Whitby [Apr. 27th, 2016|06:59 pm]
Sunday 24 April: Last day at Whitby Goth Weekend

That day we got massive hailstone and it was freezing again...decided to return to a few stalls and actually discover a whole section at leisure centre we had missed (which was great as one charity shop like stall was doing everything for 50p so returned with big bag of stuffs) and got a lovely feather shrug.
Arrange to meet Ade for a little catch up before the football (didn't spot many other friends as they were all there).. i know it is a tradition but goth playing or not , it is still football.

it was an odd one as we haven't been to WGW in about 5 years + i think.  I have to say the line up nowadays at the Spa  rarely attract me so why i rarely go. Enjoyed being back in Whitby itself with wandering round the markets and shops but it was such a quick visit we didn't really feel like we were at a festival..in town def felt more like the Asylum steampunk festival, which we like but def quite a different feel than it used to be.
Sadly around 4pm we had to leave as long journey back and i even did a bit of the driving...about 45 min between pickering and your...very scary but perfect bit of road to try on as it was sunny and quiet.

fresh sea air !!!
 photo 13043738_10153360073526548_6363981723617380369_n.jpg
 photo 13076649_10153360082981548_4838006817898264011_n.jpg
ade :)
 photo 13082733_10153360199731548_5737259207721210928_n.jpg
 photo 13095973_10153360199671548_7992753894168350347_n.jpg
 photo 13083329_10153360073446548_7679932877373810437_n.jpg
 photo 13094395_10153360073306548_7377149821052043715_n.jpg