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Rome Burns Meet up :) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rome Burns Meet up :) [Apr. 18th, 2016|06:39 pm]
Saturday 16 April: Rome Burns Meet up :)

On Friday we went to Delphine and Jerome for a yummy Raclette...we returned very drunk from lots of wine and so much cheese..

Little sleep happen as a result so on saturday i was feeling like a zombie on Saturday

David and Sarah arrived mid morning and they did a little rehearsal for next week, we then join Nev and Tory in Camden for a little ex Rome Burns catch up and post Simon Birthday. Drinks in the Dev (they were i was on water most of that day), dinner in bento and ended the day in pub playing games whilst they got more tipsy. Few went onto the goth night sadly i was so tired it was home for us.


 photo 13043228_10153346297311548_4444872159012045899_n.jpg


 photo 13051578_10153346869141548_1333746029866223335_n.jpg

 photo 12974340_10153346869056548_274199919381473015_n.jpg

 photo 13007293_10153346869236548_2054877023378392158_n.jpg

 photo 12974515_10153346869351548_4518492179745057378_n.jpg

pub and games
 photo 12994363_10153346924201548_8117476885696765331_n.jpg

 photo 13043357_10153346999381548_3626826783335960652_n.jpg

 photo 12974459_10153346999506548_4059359074223440281_n.jpg

 photo 13000122_10153347000426548_1245693889574936803_n.jpg

 photo 12974535_10153346924316548_6487487094545397625_n.jpg