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Camden Market and Big Ben - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Camden Market and Big Ben [Apr. 16th, 2016|05:26 pm]
Sunday 10 April : Camden and Big Ben

Started by cooking the girls a full english breakfast (well semi)

 photo IMG_5144.jpg
 photo IMG_5142.jpg

we then we made our way to Camden Market , despite not stopping between 11-6pm we still didn't cover it all but we saw and bought lots of goodies. Of course i took them to all my fav shops.

 photo IMG_5212.jpg

 photo IMG_5198.jpg

 photo IMG_5195.jpg

 photo IMG_5180.jpg

 photo IMG_5178.jpg

 photo 12932978_10153335051946548_9075311786335556821_n.jpg

 photo 12932920_10153335647506548_8542864090182029616_n.jpg

 photo 12439360_10153335051576548_8889919041000523794_n.jpg

Afterward we caught a bus to Westmister so we could see the sights (and experiment double decker)...little tour of Big Ben, the Bridge...
The girls went on London Eye (i have been on too many times) and i rushed home to cook dinner and got there just in time to help simon unpack his car from re-enacting.

 photo IMG_5234.jpg

 photo IMG_5226.jpg

 photo 12994450_10153335647431548_7360179384360318908_n.jpg

 photo IMG_5276.jpg

 photo IMG_5251.jpg

 photo IMG_5244.jpg