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State Library of Australia - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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State Library of Australia [Apr. 15th, 2016|06:36 pm]
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Saturday 26 March (4): State Library of Australia

State Library of Australia, of course I had to visit at least one library…the outside is actually quite reminiscent of work too.

Beautiful domed reading room (opened in 1913), lovely wooden furniture (proper wooden swivel chairs still used) and big old fashion classical impressive enquiry desk in middle (not in use). Loved how there was also balcony full of older material.
One reading room I loved was the chess room with materials dedicated to the history and practice of chess,  the Anderson Chess Collection (one of the largest public chess collections in the world) and the room has dedicated chessboards game tables..
Outside they also had giant chessboards with some quite intense players.
Lots of different styles across the library, great how they mixed new and old and how you see part of the old buildings encompassed within the new bits. As well as exploring all the reading rooms, they also had a few exhibitions on and those are held on various levels giving also a great view of the reading room.

One exhibition was Mirror of the Worlds, Books and Ideas (some pretty fab manuscripts on display), One was on the Changing Faces of Victoria (and I got to see one of Ned Kelly armour) and One on Ireland & Australia (near the very classical red wall Cowen Gallery). What was supposed let’s just popped in to see it ended up in quite a lengthy visit.

 photo DSCN8348.jpg

domed reading room
 photo DSCN8351.jpg

 photo DSCN8353.jpg
manuscrips on balconies
 photo DSCN8354.jpg

 photo DSCN8355.jpg

 photo DSCN8357.jpg
look at that desk
 photo DSCN8358.jpg

 photo DSCN8370.jpg

 photo DSCN8359.jpg
Mirror of the Worlds, Books and Ideas exhibition
 photo DSCN8361.jpg

 photo DSCN8362.jpg

 photo DSCN8363.jpg

 photo DSCN8364.jpg

 photo DSCN8365.jpg

 photo DSCN8366.jpg
artworks dotted around the library
 photo DSCN8367.jpg

 photo DSCN8371.jpg
 photo DSCN8374.jpg

 photo DSCN8375.jpg

 photo DSCN8376.jpg

 photo DSCN8377.jpg
 photo DSCN8381.jpg
 photo DSCN8383.jpg

 photo DSCN8385.jpg

 photo DSCN8388.jpg

 photo DSCN8389.jpg
the Changing Faces of Victoria exhibition
 photo DSCN8392.jpg

 photo DSCN8394.jpg

 photo DSCN8397.jpg
cool contemporary artwork with ned kelly in
 photo DSCN8398.jpg
 photo DSCN8399.jpg

 photo DSCN8401.jpg

 photo DSCN8403.jpg

 photo DSCN8406.jpg
the various rooms
 photo DSCN8408.jpg

 photo DSCN8409.jpg

 photo DSCN8410.jpg
great space including the old walls

 photo DSCN8412.jpg

 photo DSCN8413.jpg

 photo DSCN8414.jpg

 photo DSCN8415.jpg

 photo DSCN8417.jpg

 photo DSCN8418.jpg

 photo DSCN8423.jpg
Ireland & Australia
 photo DSCN8424.jpg

 photo DSCN8425.jpg

Chess room
 photo DSCN8426.jpg

 photo DSCN8427.jpg

 photo DSCN8428.jpg

 photo DSCN8429.jpg

 photo DSCN8430.jpg

more artworks
 photo DSCN8431.jpg

 photo DSCN8435.jpg

 photo DSCN8436.jpg
look at those chairs in use
 photo DSCN8437.jpg

 photo DSCN8438.jpg

 photo DSCN8440.jpg
outside more chess happening
 photo DSCN8442.jpg


[User Picture]From: larissa_00
2016-04-20 07:31 am (UTC)
I must have missed this when you first posted it: that is an awesome library!!
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2016-04-20 08:20 am (UTC)
so glad finally all updated so i coudl send links to simon and my family as all so scramble on FB
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