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William Ricketts Sanctuary & Sassafras - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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William Ricketts Sanctuary & Sassafras [Apr. 14th, 2016|07:17 pm]

Friday 25 March: Dandenongs National Park :William Ricketts Sanctuary & Sassafras

William Rickets Sanctuary
This has been one of my many highlights from this trip. Mystical sculptures half hidden among ferns and paths. Aboriginal traditions and ecology inspired his sculptures. One of those artist. I wish I had heard about when I was doing my ceramic degree as he would have been such an inspiration.
Shame the tour of this was a bit rush but at least I got to see it the main reason I decided on Melbourne as a last destination when I saw the sculpture on a fairy blog.

 A quiet gentleman who had spent much time living with aboriginal communities in central Australia, William Ricketts created the sanctuary as a place for quiet reflection and replenishing the spirit. He believed that all Australians should adopt Aboriginal philosophies, respecting the spirituality of the mother earth and all things in the natural world. Some of his works throughout the grounds also depict his feelings on the takeover and devastation of white man into the natural environment.
Within the sanctuary grounds, there are over 90 different sculptures depicting the aboriginal people engaging with the earth in a pure forest setting. Carved into rocks and tree trunks that dot the paths that flow throughout the property, the themes in his artwork reflect his philosophies of connections with human, nature and the earth.

 photo DSCN7817.jpg

 photo DSCN7821.jpg

 photo DSCN7823.jpg

 photo DSCN7824.jpg

 photo DSCN7827.jpg

 photo DSCN7829.jpg

 photo DSCN7830.jpg

 photo DSCN7831.jpg
all so beautiful
 photo DSCN7833.jpg

 photo DSCN7835.jpg

 photo DSCN7836.jpg
possums and kangaroos
 photo DSCN7839.jpg

 photo DSCN7840.jpg
loved the details
 photo DSCN7841.jpg

 photo DSCN7842.jpg

 photo DSCN7843.jpg

 photo DSCN7846.jpg

 photo DSCN7847.jpg

 photo DSCN7848.jpg

 photo DSCN7849.jpg

 photo DSCN7850.jpg

 photo DSCN7854.jpg

 photo DSCN7856.jpg

 photo DSCN7859.jpg

 photo DSCN7861.jpg

 photo DSCN7862.jpg

 photo DSCN7864.jpg

 photo DSCN7866.jpg

 photo DSCN7868.jpg

 photo DSCN7871.jpg

 photo DSCN7872.jpg

 photo DSCN7874.jpg

 photo DSCN7876.jpg

 photo DSCN7879.jpg

 photo DSCN7880.jpg

 photo DSCN7882.jpg

 photo DSCN7883.jpg

 photo DSCN7884.jpg

 photo DSCN7889.jpg

 photo DSCN7893.jpg

 photo DSCN7894.jpg

 photo DSCN7895.jpg

 photo DSCN7897.jpg

 photo DSCN7898.jpg

 photo DSCN7900.jpg

 photo DSCN7902.jpg

 photo DSCN7904.jpg

 photo DSCN7905.jpg

 photo DSCN7906.jpg

 photo DSCN7907.jpg

 photo DSCN7910.jpg

 photo DSCN7911.jpg

 photo DSCN7914.jpg

 photo DSCN7915.jpg

 photo DSCN7916.jpg

 photo DSCN7918.jpg

 photo DSCN7919.jpg

 photo DSCN7921.jpg
this was is old studio, he had massive kiln and his bedroom still there now mostly a little gallery
 photo DSCN7922.jpg

 photo DSCN7928.jpg

 photo DSCN7929.jpg

 photo DSCN7930.jpg

 photo DSCN7932.jpg

 photo DSCN7933.jpg

 photo DSCN7940.jpg

 photo DSCN7943.jpg

 photo DSCN7944.jpg

 photo DSCN7948.jpg

 photo DSCN7949.jpg

 photo DSCN7951.jpg

 photo DSCN7954.jpg

 photo DSCN7955.jpg

 photo DSCN7957.jpg

 photo DSCN7958.jpg

 photo DSCN7959.jpg

 photo DSCN7960.jpg

 photo DSCN7963.jpg

 photo DSCN7967.jpg

 photo DSCN7968.jpg

Sassafras was lovely a quaint little town known for its Devonshire tea but we mostly spent it inside the Smiths and Bits shop returning with a few things

 photo DSCN7975.jpg

 photo DSCN7976.jpg

 photo DSCN7978.jpg

 photo DSCN7979.jpg

 photo DSCN7980.jpg

 photo DSCN7981.jpg

 photo DSCN7983.jpg

 photo DSCN7984.jpg

and you got free marshmallow to fire
 photo DSCN7985.jpg

 photo DSCN7988.jpg

 photo DSCN7990.jpg