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Dandenongs: Rainforest, Landscape Gardens and Puffing Billy - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dandenongs: Rainforest, Landscape Gardens and Puffing Billy [Apr. 14th, 2016|06:47 pm]
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Friday 25 March: Dandenongs National Park :Rainforest, landscape gardens and Puffing Billy

That day we went on a great Dandenong tour with Leadbeater eco tour, they collected us at 8am from our apartment in their minibus . it was just us and another couple.

The first stop was a walk through the Sherbrooke Forest ,  one of the many forests that make up the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Lovely ballad through the forest trail looking for birds and we got to see that mystical Lyrebird , we also went to waterfall (quite low).

 photo DSCN7697.jpg

 photo DSCN7700.jpg

 photo DSCN7701.jpg

 photo DSCN7702.jpg

 photo DSCN7703.jpg

 photo DSCN7705.jpg

 photo DSCN7708.jpg

 photo DSCN7711.jpg

 We popped via some viewpoints and collected our lunches (yummy fresh and included too)

 photo DSCN7713.jpg

The Alfred Nicholas Landscape garden, originally known as Burnham Beeches estate, it's interlinking paths wind under a Mountain Ash canopy to an every changing garden of delights. The gardens lead to the famous Boathouse of the Dandenong Ranges - a place of great beauty and splendour. That was so beautiful as the old art deco house still there and what a garden , the colours.

 photo DSCN7714.jpg

 photo DSCN7716.jpg

 photo DSCN7717.jpg

 photo DSCN7718.jpg

 photo DSCN7720.jpg

 photo DSCN7721.jpg

 photo DSCN7722.jpg

 photo DSCN7723.jpg

 photo DSCN7724.jpg

 photo DSCN7725.jpg

 photo DSCN7726.jpg

 photo DSCN7728.jpg

 photo DSCN7729.jpg
so pretty
 photo DSCN7731.jpg

 photo DSCN7732.jpg

 photo DSCN7736.jpg

 photo DSCN7738.jpg

Lunch on a steam train

Puffing billy Railway, this century-old steam train continues to run on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook . Puffing Billy was built to serve at the turn of the century and is a genuine relic of our more leisurely days. The Railway is the major survivor of four experimental lines used to develop rural areas in the early 1900s.
We took the train in Belgrave, an old fashion station …we sadly only had time for the little journey but still it was fab we went through Sherbrooke forest with all its mountain ash tree, the most exciting was going on the trestle bridge (15 span timber bridge). You get view of Port Phillip Bay as you approach Menzies Creek. Passed by Selby, Emerald (original station), Nobelius and ended in Lakeside (looks lovely with lakes and museums) . If doing the long route you go through la few more trestle bridge.
 photo DSCN7744.jpg

 photo DSCN7745.jpg

 photo DSCN7752.jpg

 photo DSCN7756.jpg

 photo DSCN7758.jpg
that was just whoaaaaaa
 photo DSCN7759.jpg

 photo DSCN7761.jpg

 photo DSCN7764.jpg

 photo DSCN7765.jpg

 photo DSCN7766.jpg
little stop
 photo DSCN7781.jpg

 photo DSCN7784.jpg

 photo DSCN7785.jpg

 photo DSCN7786.jpg
on again
 photo DSCN7789.jpg

 photo DSCN7792.jpg

 photo DSCN7793.jpg
she liked my coat :)
 photo DSCN7797.jpg

 photo DSCN7801.jpg

 photo DSCN7813.jpg

 photo DSCN7815.jpg