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Ottways Rainforest Zip Wiring, Tree top walk and Waterfall - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ottways Rainforest Zip Wiring, Tree top walk and Waterfall [Apr. 13th, 2016|08:23 pm]
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Wednesday 23 March : Rainforest Zip wiring, Tree top walk and Waterfall

Early start driving through forest road avoiding kangaroos and at 9 am we were zipping through the Ottway rainforest.

 photo DSCN7454.jpg

 photo DSCN7455.jpg

Zip Line tour , it was amazing, definitely the highest and longest zip wire I have ever done. ..One stage we zipped 30m high...and so beautiful. ..2hours flying between amazing trees of the Ottway forest and I loved it all one continuous one with stops on various tree so no need to constantly attach or detach yourself

up we go
 photo DSCN7457.jpg

 photo DSCN7459.jpg
here we go
 photo DSCN7462.jpg

 photo DSCN7463.jpg
and a simon
 photo DSCN7465.jpg
it was amazing now done first one never want to stop
 photo DSCN7468.jpg

 photo DSCN7470.jpg

 photo DSCN7471.jpg

 photo DSCN7473.jpg
here we go again higer each time
 photo DSCN7475.jpg

 photo DSCN7476.jpg

 photo DSCN7481.jpg

 photo DSCN7484.jpg

 photo DSCN7485.jpg

 photo DSCN7488.jpg

 photo DSCN7489.jpg

 photo DSCN7490.jpg

 photo DSCN7492.jpg
so soon the end :(
 photo DSCN7494.jpg

Afterward we went on the tree top walkway 600m long , 25m high.The 45m spiral tower was quite something but the one that gave me jelly legs the bouncing cantilever perched above a Creek. Pretty much a bridge without end bouncing above the tree very high up.

 photo DSCN7496.jpg

 photo DSCN7498.jpg

 photo DSCN7500.jpg

 photo DSCN7503.jpg

 photo DSCN7504.jpg
so high more pathway under
 photo DSCN7505.jpg

 photo DSCN7506.jpg

 photo DSCN7510.jpg

 photo DSCN7511.jpg

 photo DSCN7513.jpg
no end to that bridge..wobbled a lot
 photo DSCN7515.jpg

 photo DSCN7518.jpg

 photo DSCN7519.jpg

 photo DSCN7521.jpg

 photo DSCN7525.jpg

Lots of waterfalls in that area sadly we only had time for one as we still had quite a chunk of Ocean Road to cover. So we went to see the Triplet falls. Not as full being end of summer here but what a beautiful setting walking up and down rainforest path to get to it. We also found some amazing old machineries.

 photo DSCN7529.jpg

 photo DSCN7532.jpg

 photo DSCN7534.jpg

 photo DSCN7535.jpg

 photo DSCN7536.jpg

 photo DSCN7538.jpg

 photo DSCN7540.jpg

 photo DSCN7541.jpg
 photo DSCN7543.jpg

 photo DSCN7544.jpg

 photo DSCN7553.jpg

 photo DSCN7554.jpg

 photo DSCN7557.jpg