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Ghent [Mar. 9th, 2016|12:59 pm]

Saturday 5 March: Ghent

After the costume exhibition we didn't quite fancy belgium food so we went to a lovely chinese restaurant, pretty much to ourselves (so cheap and yummy), then had a jenever for pudding before it was time to get back to hotel to get ready for the ball.

 photo 12670400_10153242361076548_3139249891594449756_n.jpg
 photo 12795305_10153242361196548_1163045715794915629_n.jpg
 photo 12800133_10153242361331548_4830566863272486326_n.jpg
still sunny in ghent
 photo 12798978_10153242365791548_6629963421044757774_n.jpg
jenever in sunshine

 photo 12801155_10153242374091548_7212417081093146517_n.jpg