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Birthday Celebration Part 2: LONDON: WINTER TALES - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Birthday Celebration Part 2: LONDON: WINTER TALES [Feb. 29th, 2016|05:31 pm]
Saturday 27 February: Birthday Celebration Part 2: LONDON: WINTER TALES

I didn't get much sleep due to the high level of sugars consummed the night before...so Saturday was a slow day...pretty much open presents and went back to bedand time to get ready for :
LONDON: WINTER TALES - a special and intimate evening of readings and music.

That was in a great venue called the Harrisson, it took place in the basement top start with the acts were poetry and spoken words, all very different styles. Simon also played a fantastic Hi-Reciprocity set  which went down very well (one song accompanied by Liza) , followed by Rosie Lugosie and two more bands :Black Volition and You The Living
Other performers were :Joanna Vale, Bradley James, Steev Burgess, Danni Antagonist, Carya Gish

before the start

 photo 12799369_10153230060821548_1270709695057168907_n.jpg

 photo 12800318_10153232870521548_2116045222521505184_n.jpg
 photo DSCN6037.jpg

 photo DSCN6038.jpg

 photo DSCN6039.jpg

 photo DSCN6040.jpg

Carya Gish organiser with Alan pride of the evening
Carya Gish: Arcane Publishing author Carya Gish will talk about “Occulture” and read an extract from her work-in-progress (and third novel) ′The Right Place′, set in Dorset and inspired by the landscape and PJ Harvey’s song ′The Wind′.

 photo 12472527_10153232870296548_6111196256760731847_n.jpg
Steev Burgess: Steev has had a very interesting life, and is (among other things) a professional photographer, an artist, a songwriter and a very experienced and incredibly talented poet. He will be paying tribute to the winter season in style!

 photo DSCN6046.jpg
Joanna Vale: Joanna is a London-born poet and wordsmith with a love of the visual arts. She recently curated Voices of the Winter Hearth, an immersive mixed media exhibition blending folklore with the iconic imagery of a Dark Ages winter. She also collaborated on the exhibition Tales from the Autumn House in 2014, providing poetry and prose to the artwork by artist Renaud C. Haslan. She is inspired by the forest and seasonal change, always looking for the mysteries in Nature, and the powerful impact it has upon our lives. At this event Joanna will read from her poetry collection written for the winter exhibition.

 photo DSCN6047.jpg

Hi Reciprocity
Simon Satori’s Hi-Reciprocity mixes “Goth, Neo-Folk, Poetry, Comedy, Tragedy, Steampunk-oddity.” What’s not to like, we say?

 photo DSCN6054.jpg

 photo 12804906_10153232869296548_7836066575831546030_n.jpg

 photo 12806077_10153232869191548_528866951644364477_n.jpg
 photo 12806155_10153232868756548_6415086422442816109_n.jpg
 photo 12814055_10153232868851548_5777729159748306179_n.jpg

the wonderful author, poet, performer and singer Rosie Garland as our headliner. Rosie will be reading some of her poetry as well as extracts from her superb novels ′The Palace of Curiosities′ (Harpercollins) and ′Vixen′ (Borough Press), and will talk about her work. She has also gracefully agreed to do a signing session!

 photo DSCN6061.jpg
 photo 12804688_10153232868571548_8105711587728844753_n.jpg

The mysterious You The Living will be painting the venue black with tracks from their visceral first album (out now!) ′XXXI′. We are thrilled to have this intense trio with us for this event!

 photo DSCN6062.jpg

Bradley James: Bradley is a poet, a short-story and novella writer as well as a film maker (two of his short films have been selected for the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner).

 photo 10660124_10153232869971548_2492635508720665685_n.jpg
Danni Antagonist: Danni will be performing the chillingly beautiful track ′The Rain′ with her friends Black Volition, and she will read from her two collections ′Empty Threats′ and the brand new ′Like Diamonds, and poison′.

 photo 12795459_10153232870111548_3667286565116764344_n.jpg
It is an immense pleasure to announce that the superb Black Volition will also be gracing the stage at the Harrison! BV was founded by Reza Udhin (Inertia, Killing Joke) and Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp, Scant Regard, She Made Me Do It, The Selecter, Adam Ant and more!). They are sometimes joined by other musicians for their live performances…
Which line-up will you get? All will be revealed before Christmas!

 photo 12795560_10153232868061548_1675087163799024212_n.jpg
 photo 12806016_10153232868186548_3024517620314470573_n.jpg