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Gothic Tea Party - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Gothic Tea Party [Feb. 23rd, 2016|05:55 pm]
Sunday 21 February: Gothic Tea Party

On the sunday to continue the theme we went to a Gothic Tea Party before heading back to London...filled with cakes!!!
So for the occasion i wore various tea things :)
Bristol once again was great...what a charming place and always something alternative going on.

 photo 12729110_10153218565091548_6580272631304836926_n.jpg

 photo 12745784_10153218551361548_5758054471308613522_n.jpg
 photo 12744624_10153218565241548_6659181742578419064_n.jpg
 photo 12742629_10153218551051548_739542564222557604_n.jpg
 photo 12742287_10153218551111548_5357002630053279740_n.jpg

 photo 12718332_10153218551301548_7155839122460471634_n.jpg
 photo 10168083_10153218551226548_1334502087867306322_n.jpg