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Bristol Ferrets [Feb. 23rd, 2016|05:34 pm]
Saturday 20 February: Bristol Ferrets

On the friday we traveled to Bristol with Nadia and Smaff as she fancied a little change of scenery for her birthday and we were going there for a birthday. We stayed at Janine, David and JP who as always were wonderful hosts and got to play with their amazing ferrets in the morning

my morning wash :)

 photo 12728801_10153216406351548_1464936232289230580_n.jpg
 photo 12705172_10153216408596548_4533159053143437885_n.jpg
impossible to catch a photos of all 4 together
 photo 10426746_10153216408551548_9214169795763664005_n.jpg
 photo 12715577_10153216408506548_7216899221452528379_n.jpg