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Gala Preps - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Gala Preps [Feb. 23rd, 2016|04:57 pm]
I am finally happy with my ensemble for the next Gala Nocturna Ball: The Age of Redemption...I have changed my mind so many times over the last few months anyway one thing for sure I am def redempting as i am adorned with over 200 crosses of various styles ..incredible how many, one can find when rummaging around the house

 photo 12715772_10153212758831548_5171414429948645715_n.jpg photo 12734085_10153212758836548_2533721209200257410_n.jpg photo 12745768_10153212758826548_4176339779941538956_n.jpg