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Valentine fondue and latest skirt making - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Valentine fondue and latest skirt making [Feb. 15th, 2016|07:16 pm]
Sunday 14 February: Valentine fondue and latest skirt making

Valentine...well i drove simon back from Clubbing so that is quite a gift :)as well as lovely home made cars and flowers :)
Good day at home, finally finish my gala Nocturna outfit, also finished a skirt (which now decided to make part of GN outfit)
started to plat next week outfit .
We have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to eat the cheese fondue and sweet muscat wine we brought back from France... who need a fondue set when you have a camping stove...we do valentine in style and finally watch Up on poppy hill :)

 photo DSCN5809.jpg

latest creation
 photo DSCN5749.jpg
 photo DSCN5751.jpg