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Tattoo and birthdays - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tattoo and birthdays [Feb. 9th, 2016|12:30 pm]
 On friday we pop to camden to garb a few bits...well actually to get some halloween sock to discover the shop is gone and instead made simon buy gorgeous jacket in sale at Saisai, then we popped to Dev for a drink and Bento for dinner before going to Angel for  Ariane Birthday celebration.
Saturday i had my driving class and some Gala Nocturna prep (constant changes and playing with make up) unfortunately i started to feel unwell and as a reasult didn't mkae it to Delphine Birthday do

Sunday I made it to Kingston, dangerously fabricland is next to Tattoo shop...got my new tattoo <3 <3  and 2 hours of pain

Very please of the result, i design it so it emcompass the triple moon goddess symbol but reclacing the full moon by the chalice well symbols so i know have a bit of Glastonbury on myself and added some bling. I was so plase when the idea came together and love the final result.
Unfortunately i didn't finish until 6pm so i was quite late getting to the Jo Quail private little gig at Liza (experimenting new album on us) still i made it for the last track and got to see everyone afterwards :)

Feeling a little tender this morning...Donna came round to dinner last night and treated us to some really fancy champagne, wine and yummiest vegan cakes

just after done so a bit sore and swollen

the twins ready for dinner