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Ice Bar [Feb. 1st, 2016|12:29 pm]

Saturday 30 January: Ice Bar

Delphine and Jerome came over for dinner on Friday night , lovely evening and a lot of wine was consummed...so waking up Saturday to have 2 hours of driving class was difficult but for once i did it in daytime and sunshine so much much better went as far as tottenham Hale and Ikea and got to 5th gear!!!!
In the afternoon i joined Lorena for the first part of her birthday at the Ice Bar, small little bar made out of ice, you get a very yummy cocktail in an ice glass that melt as you drink and you try to drink whilst wearing big gloves, there are big ice skulls to pose with, ice throne, seats... and the music was surprisingly good. Something off to to do list and rather enjoyable

 photo 4.jpg

great skulls
 photo 3.jpg
 photo DSCN5556.jpg
 photo 2.jpg

 photo 942794_10153183530531548_4109194302453990878_n.jpg
 photo 1.jpg
 photo 5.jpg

 photo 12647332_10153183529826548_7391094745012405121_n.jpg

 photo 12647545_10153183530181548_7341635376302667896_n.jpg
 photo 12644688_10153183530846548_5719473418638895033_n.jpg
 photo 12650997_10153183530801548_1713999121903813122_n.jpg
 photo 12654572_10153183530036548_9089471760072355754_n.jpg
 photo 12662028_10153183529886548_5069014855809008710_n.jpg
 photo 12669665_10153183529951548_5406535327316684536_n.jpg
 photo 12670118_10153183530316548_447337415610088684_n.jpg
 photo 12670138_10153183530081548_3766332374924294114_n.jpg
 photo 12670449_10153183529976548_3536279690791618550_n.jpg

also just outside is one of the main David Bowie shrine in town both sad and lovely to see still filled with fresh flowers

 photo 12644710_10153183531041548_2001085736748828745_n.jpg