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Covenstead, Glastonbury, Pagan Funeral, Friends and Games - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Covenstead, Glastonbury, Pagan Funeral, Friends and Games [Jan. 19th, 2016|05:41 pm]

Saturday 16 January: Covenstead, Glastonbury, Pagan Funeral, Friends and Games

The wonderful adele that run the Covenstead surprised us with cake and champagne ...on top of her usual giant breakfast (we couldn't quite face it so kept up for later)
Cheryl and dave joined us , in the typical glastonbury you go outside and see something unusual that day it was a pagan funeral , lovely horses and carriages, some highlanders and bumped into some of simon old friends :)
In between shopping we met with Laura for tea , later in the evening went to dinner with Lida Ravesncroft and ended the night playing games with cake and champagne in B&B...such an easy relaxing lovely day

 photo 12523038_10153156705146548_5768459453099158294_n.jpg

i love this breakfast room...on top of amazing table filled with interesting collections and books...always new additions
 photo DSCN5308.jpg

 photo DSCN5310.jpg

 photo 12509799_10153156705231548_3696749492389768159_n.jpg

 photo 10300121_10153156705331548_8289788453879972325_n.jpg

 photo 12573199_10153156705461548_4317613864798241308_n.jpg

our room for that weekend the halloween suite
 photo DSCN5311.jpg
 photo 12494978_10153157009181548_8387194658269358182_n.jpg
 photo 12565631_10153157009991548_4172055413407671531_n.jpg

 photo 12508844_10153155566091548_3036263940345641035_n.jpg

 photo DSCN5317.jpg

pagan funural
 photo 12573096_10153157166121548_4732247826807798708_n.jpg

 photo 10534589_10153157170051548_7414869803931058737_n.jpg

 photo 12494665_10153157350571548_70547514065953790_n.jpg

 photo 12552903_10153157164311548_1136618373525526495_n.jpg

in the afternoon between the awesomeness that is Glastonbury shopping we met for tea with Laura and she liked her jacklope

 photo 12552533_10156480989060650_1772843784909001990_n.jpg

 photo 581935_10153157160896548_4473266474234802859_n.jpg

 photo 12400900_10153157161641548_1427102023296031193_n.jpg

in the evening we went to dinner with the amazing Linda Ravenscroft i am so lucky to have become friends with one of my favorite artist...i love her work and her and her husband john are so lovely

 photo 943829_10153157359626548_189659870345384653_n.jpg

 photo 12540615_10153157359716548_367430489880618190_n.jpg

after dinner we continued at B&B with cake, champagne and games

 photo 12508776_10153157359846548_3543725841945311456_n.jpg

 photo 12523186_10153157359951548_8425278018078278975_n.jpg