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Sheppey [Jan. 19th, 2016|05:20 pm]
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Friday 15 January: Sheppey

Arrived in Glastonbury around 5pm and check in the B&B for this occasion we were back in the wonderful halloween suite. Adele suggested this pub in a village 10 min from Glastonbury...luckily we managed to book a table...
Dinner in this fantastic gastropub in an old barn filled with toys and taxidermy. Food was amazing and so many ciders...they just gave me a pint to serve myself...got to love Somerset.
Sheppey in lower Godney such a busy place in middle of nowhere with masterchef looking dished at london pub prices.

I had the yummiest fish stew ever,The Sheppey Fish Stew with Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Mussels, Shell Fish Bisque & Parmesan Cheese, Roulle... i couldn't decide so ended up having 2 starters...instead of a main ...gosh even that was a bit big...so so filling and delicious...i also had their  Woodstock Salad, Pickled & Grated Vegetables, Fresh Apple, Royal Quinoa, Activated Seeds, Kambucha Dressing...i had to try activated seeds!!!! (would have been amazing apart from lots of pepper in it which i hate) although we were so full decided to share a pudding...blackberry frangipane tart with creme fraiche milkshake and cinnamon spiced mascapone.... so many cool stuff on menu all have a bit of a twist from vanilla reduction to wasabi with fish and chips

This worked out perfect way to celebrate and they have the best sign outside :)

 photo 12509377_10153155716861548_6873961600245936311_n.jpg photo 12540816_10153155716896548_3917213518402430380_n.jpg

 photo 12509050_10153155714391548_7980333561652714062_n.jpg
 photo 12507580_10153155713496548_5491723110229781068_n.jpg
just the bar..lots more quirk decor but it was filled with dinners so couldn't quite take photos
 photo 12509369_10153155713346548_3956885111179515300_n.jpg

 photo 12552584_10153155714656548_3826352400107897440_n.jpg
cloudy cider heaven
 photo 12549073_10153155713396548_6316907311341416867_n.jpg
 photo 1930356_10153155714206548_1158434709263291336_n.jpg

 photo 12540790_10153155713976548_7903149174807473822_n.jpg