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Back to work ...well nearly; Institute of Directors and corsets - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Back to work ...well nearly; Institute of Directors and corsets [Jan. 8th, 2016|08:41 pm]
This week

First week back at work i managed one day and one boxing class and fell to some horrible lurgy so been pretty much stuck in bed :(
Finally made it back to work thursday but had to cancel driving class as not sure would mix well with all the night nurse i have been consuming. That night i met with Aly and Jenny for the Buttler & Wilson sale..i was well behaved despite all the shiny skulls..but then i went to Liza to try the corset i asked janny to make me and returned with 2 of them...adding one covered in french pastries...ooops..returned so tired and straight to bed...horrible bug
 photo DSCN5226.jpg
 photo 12390971_1008837149188723_3865441631654424056_n.jpg

On Friday I went on a Library tour at the Institute of Directors, one of those fancy building in Pall Mall, the library wasn't quite as impressive as the building (by John Nash) but what an inside...sadly we didn't gett o visit the rest of it


 photo 11949255_10153143617231548_6204177314301704944_n.jpg

 photo 12418105_10153143617226548_5090915670952778681_n.jpg

Finally up to date on LJ so i can breathe easier a bit..i hate to start the year on such backlog :)