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Christmas Eve - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Christmas Eve [Jan. 8th, 2016|06:08 pm]
Xmas eve.

This year was a bit different, Xmas eve is usually our big celebration when we have the most fancy food and opened the presents but this year as my niece Chloe was unable to be there until the next day, we decided to wait  for her to open the presents. I thill think one of my favorite part is decorating the table and get all excited for the evening.

Relations came for aperitives and then we had a lovely dinner of Oysters, Prawns, Lobster tails in armoricain sauce, cheeses and many lovely small gateaux

my table decorations for this year :)
 photo 5348_10153117921471548_2602802695118734663_n.jpg
 photo 5510_10153117921696548_9091405924579781196_n.jpg

even the dog for decorated :)
 photo DSCN4915.jpg

 photo DSCN4922.jpg

 photo DSCN4929.jpg
 photo DSCN4930.jpg
with mum
 photo DSCN4932.jpg
 photo DSCN4933.jpg
and adelaide
 photo DSCN4936.jpg
 photo DSCN4937.jpg
 photo DSCN4944.jpg

 photo DSCN4950.jpg
 photo DSCN4953.jpg
before all the food invade the table :)

 photo DSCN4955.jpg

 photo DSCN4958.jpg
 photo DSCN4959.jpg

 photo DSCN4962.jpg
 photo DSCN4963.jpg
 photo DSCN4965.jpg
 photo DSCN4971.jpg
 photo DSCN4972.jpg
 photo DSCN4976.jpg
 photo DSCN4979.jpg
 photo DSCN4981.jpg
so hard to look but not open :)
 photo DSCN4983.jpg
 photo DSCN4985.jpg
 photo DSCN4986.jpg

 photo DSCN4990.jpg
 photo DSCN4994.jpg