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Hi-Reciprocity, Memepunks and Prof Elemental - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hi-Reciprocity, Memepunks and Prof Elemental [Jan. 7th, 2016|05:58 pm]
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Gosh i better get up to date between france and this week being full of lurgy i am so behind on LJ...
let's pedal back to

Friday 18 December : Hi-Reciprocity, Memepunks and Prof Elemental at Nambucca

 Love the new look of the venue and lots of people came early on to support Simon which was fantastic. It was a perfect way to say bye bye and Merry Christmas to everyone, especially as I had friends from work, re-enacting, steampunk...such a great mixture and  I finally got to see the Memepunks in action and as always storming show by the Prof :)

 photo 1.jpg

no idea why this way
 photo DSCN4672.jpg
 photo DSCN4673.jpg

sound check ...
 photo 5.jpg
usual suspects :)
 photo DSCN4677.jpg
thats a lot of librarians and archivists in one shot :)
 photo DSCN4678.jpg
 photo DSCN4680.jpg

 photo DSCN4682.jpg
 photo 2.jpg
 photo DSCN4696.jpg
 photo DSCN4698.jpg
 photo DSCN4711.jpg
 photo DSCN4718.jpg
 photo DSCN4720.jpg
 photo DSCN4725.jpg
 photo DSCN4732.jpg
 photo DSCN4734.jpg
 photo 4.jpg
 photo DSCN4736.jpg
 photo DSCN4738.jpg
 photo DSCN4739.jpg
 photo DSCN4740.jpg
The prof
 photo DSCN4741.jpg
 photo DSCN4744.jpg
 photo DSCN4755.jpg
 photo 3.jpg
 photo DSCN4765.jpg
 photo DSCN4766.jpg
 photo DSCN4772.jpg
 photo DSCN4775.jpg
 photo DSCN4776.jpg
 photo DSCN4778.jpg
 photo DSCN4779.jpg