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19th century Toy Theatre Battle of Waterloo - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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19th century Toy Theatre Battle of Waterloo [Dec. 3rd, 2015|06:52 pm]
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Wednesday 2 December: 19th century Toy Theatre  Battle of Waterloo

Pollock's miniature play version of the Battle of Waterloo was amusing and different. It was great to see one of those old fashion cardboard theatre in full use with all its carboard cutouts, cheesy love stories and of course battles. It worked well in the vault location on a very special table with the little orchestra, singer and the very effective use of coconut shells and cutlery for noises of galloping horses and swords clashing. However the readers, especially when putting on all the accents were very difficult to understand but comical at least. It was great to also be on Campus and see the Old Royal Naval College by night.

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