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Steampunk in Space (Sunday) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Steampunk in Space (Sunday) [Nov. 30th, 2015|05:57 pm]
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Sunday 29 November: Steampunk in Space

On Sunday the weather was even more horrible so it was hard to get motivated to leave a warm leaving room . That day we did the planetarium which is very cool and really tight up well with the steampunk event held there. Also Professor elemental was doing a little mini gig and  chatting,
Reminder that he is playing in two weeks in London with Simon as one of the support. https://www.facebook.com/events/1616292365308060/

Last wander around and said our goodbyes,  returning to Glyn in time for late sunday roast and the long drive back...

 photo 12311089_10153075100656548_6181308789191660924_n.jpg photo 469e95ff-2325-4252-ae3c-a2655f6a92ca.jpg

outfits put together for that day
 photo DSCN4402.jpg
 photo DSCN4403.jpg
 photo DSCN4404.jpg
outfit details
 photo DSCN4405.jpg
 photo DSCN4406.jpg

 photo DSCN4407.jpg
 photo DSCN4408.jpg
 photo DSCN4409.jpg
the world :)
 photo DSCN4410.jpg
 photo DSCN4411.jpg
queing for planetaruim
 photo DSCN4413.jpg
 photo DSCN4414.jpg
pimp your nerf gun
 photo DSCN4417.jpg
 photo DSCN4418.jpg
 photo DSCN4420.jpg
 photo DSCN4424.jpg
 photo DSCN4425.jpg
 photo DSCN4426.jpg
cake competition
 photo DSCN4427.jpg
 photo DSCN4428.jpg
 photo DSCN4429.jpg
 photo DSCN4431.jpg
 photo DSCN4433.jpg
 photo DSCN4434.jpg

Prof Elemental
 photo DSCN4439.jpg
 photo DSCN4447.jpg
 photo DSCN4449.jpg
 photo DSCN4451.jpg
 photo DSCN4454.jpg
 photo DSCN4461.jpg
 photo DSCN4464.jpg
 photo DSCN4465.jpg

 photo DSCN4467.jpg
 photo DSCN4468.jpg

 photo DSCN4469.jpg

 photo DSCN4471.jpg