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50 Shades of Pathology with Art Macabre - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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50 Shades of Pathology with Art Macabre [Nov. 5th, 2015|05:41 pm]

Tuesday 3 November:50 Shades of Pathology with Art Macabre

Surreal and fun evening at the St Barts Museum of Pathology.
Started with a talk on meaning of colours in Pathology and we then had two painted models, anatomical specimens and one skeleton to sketch from while sipping on 'formaldehyde' punch. One had a fantastic array of tattoos and skeleton make up and one had various death and other decay and organs colours painted on. So good evening with friends visiting a new place and playing with colourful crayons. The music was also playlist about colours. I wish we had such an array and weird and wonderful life drawing when i was an art student, i sadly lots of my skills but gosh the subject nowadays are so much more fun  and ecclectic.

 photo test 027.jpg

 photo test 003.jpg
beautiful old fashion place
 photo test 006.jpg
 photo test 007.jpg
 photo test 008.jpg
 photo test 009.jpg
 photo test 012.jpg
 photo test 013.jpg
 photo test 014.jpg
 photo test 015.jpg
 photo test 016.jpg
 photo test 017.jpg
 photo test 018.jpg
my sketches...pose between 2 min to 15..and limited material
 photo test 019.jpg
 photo test 020.jpg
 photo test 021.jpg

simon much better and delicate style
 photo test 022.jpg
 photo test 023.jpg
 photo test 024.jpg
 photo test 025.jpg

rob and his bunny!
 photo test 028.jpg
 photo test 029.jpg
 photo test 030.jpg
 photo test 032.jpg
 photo test 033.jpg
 photo test 034.jpg
 photo test 001.jpg