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IMMORTAL BELOVED, Brompton Cemetery - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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IMMORTAL BELOVED, Brompton Cemetery [Nov. 5th, 2015|05:34 pm]
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Sunday 1 November: Brompton Cemetery candlelit gig.

Hard to wake up after such a busy weekend, but this time it was to meet friends at Brompton Cemetery gate, had a little wonder around and then go for Dave birthday meal it a fab pub called Troubadour with gothic seat and devil full door ,before returning there at night time to go to the classical IMMORTAL BELOVED - Late Beethoven and Shostakovich String Quartets with the Corleone Quartet. It was part of the excellent london Month of the Dead

 photo 12074573_10153033954146548_8674621519598487080_n.jpg

 photo 12193644_10153033954261548_6818826915613728852_n.jpg
 photo 12191972_10153033954516548_5769349386218208590_n.jpg
 photo 11202889_10153033954776548_2367233872223515835_n.jpg
brought aly her raven so ended up in a few photos :)
 photo 11202889_10153033954331548_82081363508658174_n.jpg
 photo 11219730_10153033954186548_6152740199787814776_n.jpg
 photo 1898285_10153033954631548_1985381492115168580_n.jpg
 photo 11139401_10153033954416548_57824337162974979_n.jpg

 photo 12196219_10153033954586548_7744634474575947854_n.jpg

fab little pub the trobadour
 photo 11988770_10153033962021548_1676351950663470737_n.jpg
what an entry door
 photo 12208318_10153033961831548_9222126419677304221_n.jpg
 photo 12108923_10153033961721548_423111257418904066_n.jpg
 photo 12111965_10153033961881548_9037108834635588698_n.jpg

 photo 12189721_10153033962356548_3859960528207763200_n.jpg
 photo 12189122_10153033962256548_6631033490056909901_n.jpg
 photo 12190068_10153033961931548_8152100218429275180_n.jpg
 photo 12191720_10153033962126548_7114445920837701578_n.jpg

night time gig

 photo 12193287_10153034168251548_5493925339920081341_n.jpg

 photo 12196074_10153034168131548_5742254390666498244_n.jpg

 photo 12196283_10153034168036548_2715639930367846257_n.jpg