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Femme: Female Metal Event in Holland, Lacuna Coil, Draconian, Visions of Atlantis... - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Femme: Female Metal Event in Holland, Lacuna Coil, Draconian, Visions of Atlantis... [Oct. 27th, 2015|06:44 pm]

Friday 16 October: Femme: Female Metal Event in Holland

Early flight to Eindhoven, bloody cab didn't turn up but thanks to simon driving Lorena and I at silly times in the morning to another cab company but got to stanstead in time. Met up with andy there and easy flight to Holland, once there lunch and met up with everyonelse before it all started .
 Awesome first night 8 bands insanely non stop , 2 stages lots of stairs in between no break in between going up and down was slightly crazy...highlights of the day: Visions of Atlantis, Draconian and Lacuna Coil

 photo 11168866_10153011421746548_3193421679046523006_n.jpg

Whyzdom a very good french band and what a start
 photo DSCN3150.jpg
 photo DSCN3152.jpg
 photo DSCN3159.jpg
 photo DSCN3164.jpg

 photo DSCN3165.jpg
 photo DSCN3166.jpg
 photo DSCN3167.jpg
 photo DSCN3169.jpg
 photo DSCN3171.jpg
the awesome Visions of Atlantis
 photo DSCN3181.jpg
 photo DSCN3186.jpg
 photo DSCN3187.jpg

 photo DSCN3193.jpg
 photo DSCN3197.jpg
 photo DSCN3199.jpg

with visions of Atlantis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo DSCN3201.jpg
 photo DSCN3202.jpg
Draconian ..so so good so doom
 photo DSCN3203.jpg
 photo DSCN3223.jpg
Kingsfisher Sky
 photo DSCN3232.jpg
 photo DSCN3239.jpg

Lacuna Coil...bounce bounce bounce
 photo DSCN3248.jpg
 photo DSCN3256.jpg
 photo DSCN3267.jpg
 photo DSCN3272.jpg
one more downstairs Aria Flame
 photo DSCN3278.jpg
 photo DSCN3280.jpg
yay excellent first day
 photo DSCN3281.jpg
with autumn
 photo DSCN3282.jpg