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Reptile [Oct. 12th, 2015|05:32 pm]

Saturday 10 October: Reptile

So much choices that night...devilish presley, rumpus, 3teeth at slime, invocation, jordan reyne, reptile...friends were so divided...considering few weeks back nothing was on when i wanted to take my visitor home and this saturday everything clashing!!!
In the end after a day at the show , i just fancy a night of dancing so decided to go to Reptile, a good night although wasn't my favorite one music wise but needed a dance so just dance from start till end...also great to see Dave H and Ariel Undine was performing

Also perfect excuse to wear new creation :)

 photo 12140843_10153002582476548_5841713179168967744_n.jpg
 photo 12074835_10153002582591548_9035593182079868913_n.jpg
 photo 12141679_10153002582641548_5130402406554861899_n.jpg
 photo 12107240_10153002582511548_8870474525483623123_n.jpg
 photo test 045.jpg
 photo test 023.jpg
 photo test 019.jpg
 photo test 018_1.jpg
 photo test 010_1.jpg