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Knighting and Stiching show - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Knighting and Stiching show [Oct. 12th, 2015|05:25 pm]

Saturday 10 October: Knighting and Stiching show

That day Alicia had got us some group tickets to go to the Knighting and Stiching show in Alexandra Palace (sadly clashes with Zombie walk),  being local and never been before decided to go to it. It was a fun day seeing all the stalls but reminded me why i stopped going to such show like erotica or mind body spirit festival as really you are just paying to then shop. I guess i was expecting more demos and events all around it but they were all on top to be paid and booked in advance and the place so big did take us the whole 5 hours to just go around the stalls. Got a few nice bits of lace, charms and fabrics but I would pretty much get the same in a most fabric shop or markets and festivals. Good event , great to be inside Alexandra Palace (last time was many years ago for MM) but not worth the entry money (at least we got in at discount)...i think next gig def doing Zombie walk...

 photo 12143209_10153002239506548_5691395676259706108_n.jpg

 photo 12096532_10153002239561548_7425063780843266899_n.jpg
 photo 12063540_10153002239806548_1805356685280151778_n.jpg
 photo 12119094_10153002239866548_7392348056006118845_n.jpg
 photo 12105709_10153002239631548_5398731918230506021_n.jpg
 photo 12074936_10153002239706548_8965603127673423533_n.jpg
 photo 12144849_10153002239966548_510539447392504018_n.jpg